Critical success factors for VCS projects


Case study: Research

Client: Worcestershire Voices
Date: 2017
Work: Collect and analyse new data

We were commissioned by Worcestershire Voices (an umbrella organisation supporting the voluntary sector in Worcestershire) to undertake research into the critical factors in making a voluntary and community project a success.

We ran an online survey of voluntary and community services (VCS) organisations to identify a selection of successful voluntary and community projects in Worcestershire, with a good range by project type and beneficiaries.

We conducted interviews, held a workshop to discuss the early findings with stakeholders, and delivered a report on the critical success factors; whether they could be replicated elsewhere; and some snapshots of example successful projects.

Data Orchard really listened to our requirements and worked with us to refine the design of the research project to improve the result.
— Michael Hunter, CEO, Worcestershire Voices