Impact evaluation of DataKind UK


Case study: Research

Client: DataKind UK
Date: 2016
Work: Impact evaluation

DataKind UK is a national charity that brings the power of data science to the non-profit sector through its network of professional volunteers.

We worked with DataKind Uk to: assess skills, systems and existing data around impact measurement; develop an initial theory of change based on evidence from their beneficiaries; develop a framework for measuring impact; and deliver recommendations on strategic and practical steps to improve impact measurement.

Outcomes were: improved skills and confidence in planning, assessing and communicating impact; identification of practical and strategic improvements to improve systems and processes in impact data collection.

DataKind UK learned about the full breadth of outcomes their work delivers and were able to visualise customer journeys through engagement and delivery of their services.

As a result of our work, DataKind dealt immediately with some issues raised and made changes and improvements to their services. The evidence provided was used to communicate the charity's impact and raise investment to build their capacity and growth.

Data Orchard were a pleasure to work with. They fully grasped who we are and what we do. Sian and Mads ran a brilliant workshop for our trustees and senior management to help us flesh out our theory of change and think through our impact. They then spoke to a range of our partner organisations to build a picture of the impact we’ve had so far, and helped us design systems to monitor the impact we have going forward. All in all a wonderful and thought-provoking experience.
— Emma Prest, General Manager, DataKind UK, May 2016