Communities of place

Data Orchard’s main base is in Herefordshire in the West Midlands and we have strong roots in this community. We continue to bring people together at a local level through events to talk about what the data says and how organisations can work together to address the problems faced by communities. This dialogue about data and how to act on it is a crucial part of our championing work around the Data4Good cause

Sustainable Route Map

We’ve worked in partnership with the Brightspace Foundation since 2013 to create a public open data platform of local sustainability indicators. The project, called the Sustainable Route Map, has involved widespread engagement and consultation with stakeholders, and identifies, sources and presents over 50 data sets relating to community sustainability As part of this work we’ve also engaged with the ONS about how to consistently measure local and national progress towards International Sustainability Goals.

Quality of Life Survey

The initial data sourcing for the Sustainable Route Map identified a number of gaps in the required data and available open published findings. In 2017 Data Orchard led and delivered an entirely not for profit, collaboratively funded, county-wide residents survey to fill these gaps in the local evidence base. Notably the research, as part of a project called Better Data Better Lives, explored quality of life data including, access and barriers to services and advice, culture and leisure, unpaid care, loneliness and social contact, well-being, social capital and community safety.

Vital Signs

We’ve also worked with the Herefordshire Community Foundation to profile the county’s strengths and weaknesses (employment, deprivation, economy, health, community) in relation to comparable areas. This can be seen in their published Vital Signs 2018 report which has mobilised stakeholders to address problems, and attracted considerable local media attention.